Off-course, you can install PRTG on your own. The installation takes only 2 minutes according to the Paessler website. But if you want to know about best practices, custom sensors, how to configure integration, you're welcome to contact us

We will install PRTG Network Monitor on your network and configure the tool according to your specific needs. We will set up a monitoring framework, configure templates, configure alerts and set the notification threshold just right..That way, you’re not flooded with alerts, but you don’t miss anything important either.

It's obvious, the initial configuration isn’t etched in stone – the monitoring tool will stay in step with your business. As will we. Ask us to re-evaluate your configuration and ensure optimum results. Talk to our monitoring professionals about your network monitoring needs. What’s more, it enables you to print reports that tell your boss how well you’re protecting the company’s ICT infrastructure.

Certified Engineers

Bert, Wim, Yochi, all our engineers are Paessler certified monitoring experts. They have IT experience in different area's and know how a monitoring environment works. They can guide you to the 'perfect' PRTG implementation.


In order to run PRTG a server is required, this can be a virtual server for smaller environments, or a physical server for larger or more demanding situations.

Virtual Server

Consider following remarks when running virtual:

Virtual servers are ok when installing probes on remote sites.

Physical server

When monitoring larger environments, more sensors or when the environment requires more frequent polling a physical server is necessary.A physical server reduces the risk of overloading your virtual environment, especially hard disk access and cpu can be overloaded in certain situations. A physical server requires fast local storage, multiple CPU’s and at least 4GB of memory.


The software is run on top of an OS , a windows 2012R2 or later is recommended.


When starting the installation our consultants will need access to following services and documentation.

Using all that information our engineers will install the PRTG software and perform an initial configuration. PRTG will be configured with all general information, the defaults will be defined, a global structure will be set up and some sample counters/sensors will be configured.

We than either create some templates and show you how to add all your devices, or we add all your devices ourselves.

Time Estimate

To set up PRTG with the initial configuration we estimate 8 hours of work

Training will take 3 to 6 hours

A complete setup strongly depends on the desired amount of sensors, where this could take from 1 up to 4 or even more extra days.

If needed/requested an additional follow-up can be provided, this takes about 4 hours.